Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Which fragrances does Fragrance Garden Collection sell?

We sell hundreds of ‘Inspired by the original’ generic-type fragrances, presented in a contemporary clear glass bottle. Just like other generic products, such as food products and prescription medicine, these perfumes have a similar character and quality of the originals, but are not the original fragrance from the original fragrance house.

Q: Why do generic fragrances have a bad reputation?

Some generic perfume maker use a low grade perfume oil which are used to create lighter scents for soap, air freshener and washing powder while the top-grade fragrances, imported from Grasse in France, are used for fine fragrances. Regrettably some manufacturers use the lower grade oils in their imitation fragrances to keep their prices down. These fragrances produce a product that does not smell like the original.

Secondly, the proportion of oil used in the fragrance affects the length of time it lasts on one’s skin. Washing powders are concentrated at around 0.4%, fabric softeners at 4% and eau de toilette at between approximately 10-20%. Shampoo products similarly have a low concentration of fragrance, which is why you can’t smell it on your hair all day, after using it.

Fragrance Garden Collection mix our fragrance at approximately 30% oil, which means that our fragrance is the equivalent to an eau de parfum.

Q: What are ‘Inspired By’ fragrances?

These are ‘Inspired By’ generics of the original designer perfume. Like other ‘generic’ products, such as prescription medication and foodstuffs, these fragrances have the same qualities and effectiveness of the originals, but are not manufactured by the original designer. Due to the original fragrances being very expensive and unaffordable to the majority of people around the world, ‘generic’ fragrances are produced in order to cater for the demand of a product that smells the same and lasts as long on the skin, yet isn’t as expensive as the original fragrance.

Q: Do the ‘Inspired By’ perfumes by Fragrance Garden Collection smell the same as the originals?

Yes, all the perfume oils for our ‘Inspired By’ range are imported from France and are of the highest quality. In addition, each of our fragrances goes through a meticulous in-house ‘nose’ test to check that the smell is a match to the original.

Q: I am halaal, can you remove the alcohol from the fragrance?

Perfume is a mixture of perfume oils (the aromatic component) which is then combined with a solvent/carrier. The solvent/carrier is used to dilute the aromatic component – almost all aromatic material is inappropriate to be worn undiluted on the skin due to their potency and potential to cause skin irritation or allergy. The solvent also assists in dissolving any aromatic material that is thick and resinous, allowing them to be usable.

The most common solvent/carrier utilised in perfumery is ethyl alcohol. While this can be replaced with any oil, the best oils to use are generally chosen according to a low odour profile. Some oils have a strong odour and are therefore not used as a carrier. Typically jojoba or coconut oil is chosen as the carrier for natural perfumes.

One of the key advantages of an oil based perfume is that they are non drying to the skin and so are often preferred by those with dry skin. Dry skin has a hard time holding down scent and so the oil base not only moisturises the skin but assists in helping retain the scent on the skin for longer.

Q: How long do the ‘Inspired By’ perfumes by fragrance garden collection last on the skin?

The number one factor that will determine how long a fragrance lasts on your skin is the quality and the quantity of perfume oil used in a fragrance. In our ‘Inspired By’ range we only use the best perfume oils and our fragrances at concentrated between 30% (originals use between 8 and 15%).

Q: How can the Fragrance Garden collection offer such high quality ‘Inspired By’ fragrances at such affordable prices?

Like the manufacturers of ‘generic’ products, such as prescription medication, all our ‘Inspired By’ fragrances have the qualities and effectiveness of the originals but we do not have to spend as much money on branding, licensing, marketing, advertising and sponsorships. What this means is that we can pass these cost savings onto you the agent and customer.

Q: How long will it take to deliver my chosen perfume?

Fragrance Garden Collection fragrances take three to four business days not including day of order. Please note that for certain outlying areas, the delivery may take additional days. We deliver anywhere South Africa.

Q: Do we offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, all the perfumes from our collection carries a ‘money back promise’. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please call our customer care line on 064 763 5279.

Q: How do I become an agent for Fragrance Garden Collection?

Due to the excellent relationship we have established with our suppliers over the years, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible prices on fragrances. This gives our clients the opportunity to start their own businesses free from huge start-up costs. We have a great business starter pack filled with helpful tips to get you up and running and making money in no time. Join our dynamic and fast-growing team today.

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