Becoming an Agent

There is no joining fee. Starting your own business and getting started is simple. Contact us on accounts@fragrancegardencollection or call 064 763 5279 and let us know that you're interested and we'll send you some information that will explain everything in more detail. You can also find this information on our Agent Zone.

If you wish to, you can purchase our tester kit which contains 20 samples of our fragrances and some additional items. By using the tester kit, your potential customers can enjoy a test of the fragrances before placing orders. This will make it much easier for you to start selling, but you could also order a number of your favourite fragrances and start that way. You can order the kit here.

You can also purchase a smaller kit of four 5ml tester fragrances. This will assist you if you wish to start smaller, and grow your tester kit over time.

    Think about who your client base will be. They can include:

    • family
    • friends
    • co-workers
    • your place of worship
    • community associations
    Expand your customer base
    • identify contacts in large companies
    • make business well-known in your community, church, social groups, etc.
    • advertise on facebook, linked in, Instagram
    • advertise on community notice boards
    • advertise on company notice boards
    • host 'perfume' parties
    • arrange a stall at local markets, school fetes
    • ask for referrals from satisfied customers, encourage them to promote your product via word-of-mouth
    • always look for other opportunities to promote your business
    We suggest recommended selling prices. You will make up to 100% profit and your clients will still be getting access to an enormous range of fragrances, a quality product, at an excellent price.