Frequently Asked Questions

1: What fragrances do we sell?

Answer: We sell hundreds of ‘Inspired by the original’ generic-type fragrances, presented in a contemporary clear glass bottle. Just like other generic products, such as food products and prescription medicine, these perfumes have a similar character and quality of the originals, but are not the original fragrance from the original fragrance house.

2: Why do ‘Inspired by’ and generic fragrances have a bad reputation?

Answer: Some generic perfume maker use a low grade perfume oil which are used to create lighter scents for soap, air freshener and washing powder while the top-grade fragrances, imported from Grasse in France, are used for fine fragrances. Regrettably some manufacturers use the lower grade oils in their imitation fragrances to keep their prices down. These fragrances produce a product that does not smell like the original.

Secondly, the proportion of oil used in the fragrance affects the length of time it lasts on one’s skin. Washing powders are concentrated at around 0.4%, fabric softeners at 4% and eau de toilette at between approximately 10-20%. Shampoo products similarly have a low concentration of fragrance, which is why you can’t smell it on your hair all day, after using it.

Fragrance Garden Collection mix our fragrance at approximately 30% oil, which means that our fragrance is the equivalent to an eau de parfum.

3: What is the concentration of fine fragrance oils used in Fragrance Garden Collection?

A: Our fragrances are combined at 30% which is approximately 30% higher than the proportion used in original designer fragrances. This means that all of our fragrances should remain up to 30% longer on your body than original designer fragrances.

If there is anything you are not happy with concerning the product, we will offer you a credit on your next order, provided you are able to return the product back to our offices.

4: How long will it take to deliver my selected fragrance?

A:  Dispatch takes up to three or four business days. If there are any products we do not have in stock, we will contact you to discuss way forward.